Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Burning Calories: Burn Them Easily

9:34 AM by dody · 1 comments

lose weight you have to go on a sensible diet and exercise regularly. You have to eat right
ands work out. Yes, we all know that! But exercising and sticking to a low fat diet is not
considered as doing nothing! It is a big job.
But here I have for you a great trick that will help you to lose weight, doing practically nothing!
Sounds too good to be true? Well read on and you will find out how simple losing weight can be.
It is one of the tricks that is rarely known by any dieter or dietician. It is an absolutely safe and
fool proof method of shedding the extra calories and biding them good bye forever.
You don’t have to go on a killing diet, you don’t have to sweat it out in the gym and neither will
you be asked to take dangerous diet pills. All you have to do is to drink ice cold water!
Yes, you have read correctly, all you need to do is to drink ice cold water; this is what I call
losing weight doing nothing! Let me explain to you how this works. When you drink an eight
ounce cup of ice cold water your body will burn 7.69 calories to heat the water to bring it to room
temperature. Amazing! Isn’t it! Now let us exploit this little trick to reach our aim of weight loss.
We have just understood that we can lose approximately 8 calories by drinking an eight ounce
cup of ice cold water. The minimum water requirement of water for our body is eight glasses. So
we can lose 64 calories by just drinking water, just remember to have it ice cold!
If you are really motivated then you can drink a gallon of ice water daily. Gallon water is 16
cups. Drinking 16 cups of ice water will help you lose 123 calories per day. This actually
amounts to 861 calories a week! And that too by doing practically nothing!
To make you feel all the more better, let me state another fact, to lose 861 calories in the
conventional manner, you would have to jog for at least for two hours! Imagine, you have lost
the same amount of calories without spending two hours on rigorous exercise.
Remember that it is not a compulsion that you have to drink a gallon of water in order to lose
weight; you can lose weight also by drinking 8 glasses of water daily.
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