Monday, November 9, 2009

Running for Fitness

5:58 AM by dody · 0 comments

Running is a great way to improve your physical fitness reduce stress, lose weight, ward off disease, keep you feeling young, boost your metabolism the benefits just go on and on. Running is also by far the most efficient way to burn fat.

Running is fun and easy, but it is clearly not for everyone at first. If you are considering making running part of your exercise routine you need to first visit your doctor and discuss it with her or him and get their advice about your current physical condition before you go blazing any new trails.
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The only tools you'll need for running are a good pair of running goes and a watch. Your first run should be short--about 20 minutes. You'll want to start out walking to warm up and then run for as long as your breathing feels comfortable. Feel free to drop back to a walk to catch your breath and then resume running until you hit 20 minutes. Walk for awhile to cool down and that's it for your first run.
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As you progress you will gradually increase the time and distance, you'll walk less and your breathing will feel more relaxed.
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