Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Ah, summertime – the perfect time to take your exercise program outdoors. You can do so much during this time of year. The possibilities are truly endless. Pick up a brochure if you are interested in a group and family activities or sit down and figure a plan suited for you alone.

You can try any number of sports. These include tennis, badminton and golf. They vary as to the amount of calories they burn and as to what areas of your body they affect. Read up on each and see if any interest you before deciding.
There are individual activities, such as swimming, horseback riding, jogging, hiking, walking and cycling. You can vary the scenery and change the daily routine to prevent boredom. If you are daring, try surfing and water skiing. These activities also do not exclude family or friends joining in to support your efforts. In fact, they may help by being supportive.

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In summer or winter, take your exercise outdoors. You can take part in so many activities. There are, also, individual sports you can use to liven up your exercise regime. There is swimming, baseball, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, walking, hiking, rollerblading and biking. You can select one or create your own training circuit.

When you exercise outdoors, you should strive for a balance of cardiovascular and strength training. For each week, try one activity that incorporates upper body strength as well as cardio, one that includes lower body strength and one that works all the muscles. Cycling is an excellent activity for building up your lower body. Hiking with walking poles will help you work all your muscles.
If you want, include your family. There are also walking and hiking groups. Friends can help you out. Supportive companionship is always helpful in ensuring you stick to your goals losing weight and getting into shape.

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