Wednesday, October 21, 2009

healthy body fat percentage

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Anyone who knows any information about dieting knows that the criterion for determining the weight is the value of food obtained from food. And is one of the important factors that determine the proportion of fat in the body you have . Question here is what makes the proportion of fat in the body ideal. I think that exercise may help to reduce fat in the body.
healthy body fat percentage
Most people want to show well and healthy
. Another question, what proportion of fat in a healthy body. I think the answer is different from men and women . Ratios are smaller in men compared to women
It is therefore expected that the ratio of body fat in men are lower than those in women. healthy body fat percentage
Of a rate less than 25% rate is considered acceptable health
And any higher than 18%
Is far from lean . Between 14-18% is considered healthy. healthy body fat percentage
Any man has the same ratio will appear in a healthy way. Under 14% will be in the form of a man sport.
2-4% is the level of fat in the body's natural Anything less than that is unhealthy . For women, women generally are more obese than men. healthy body fat percentage
Wide acceptance of women between 25-31% anything more than that is obese
. Sports and women between 20-24% Anything less than 20% is considered a very poor woman
And the level of fat in the body of women is much higher than men
The proportion of fat in the body of women, between 10-20%
Anything less than that is unhealthy . healthy body fat percentage
To reach normal rates in the body must exercise at least an hour a day
It is possible to do so and you can bring down the percentage of fat in the body Easily and must work from now .
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