Thursday, January 21, 2010


8:38 AM by dody · 1 comments

There is walking and there is power walking. While you do lose weight and gain muscle tone while walking, power walking can speed up the process. It is a little more expensive than straight walking. It, however, may suit your needs. Power walking is more intense. You adopt a quicker pace. You might also add to or accessorize to help you maintain the intensity. A weighted vest is a possibility. This increases the amount of resistance you will have to overcome. It adds another level to your walk regime. To help build up your leg and ankle muscles, purchase and wear ankle weights. This also increases resistance training. Even if you decide to power walk without the added paraphernalia, you should invest in a pedometer. This will tell you how far you are walking daily. You can also purchase a heart-monitor watch. It will tell you how fast your heart is beating. Together with your computer, it can help you improve your exercise regime. ->Read More

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