Thursday, February 18, 2010


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If you or your spouse is involved with your child's school, you will eventually be asked to participate in a school fundraiser. Now, these events usually need two things: volunteers and product to sell. As many an experienced parent knows, bake sales are a big source of cash for schools. Many extracurricular activities also do fundraisers, and these, too, revolve around food.

So how do you support your child's school and stay on your diet at the same time? Or better yet, if you don't have children, how do you support a fundraiser without cheating on your diet? Only buy one box of cookies or one brownie from the bake sale. Make the cookies for your kid's school to sell, but don’t eat any yourself. If you are volunteering at the bake sale, bring carrot sticks or gum to keep your mouth busy. If your child is selling candy bars, resist the urge to "help out" by buying the leftover candy. ->Read More

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