Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friends and Food

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For some reason, today's society tends to revolve around events that include food. For example, do your friends always want to get together for dinner? When you go on an all day shopping trip with your closest pal, do you immediately stop at a nearby diner? Does going to a double feature at the movie theatre necessitate two trips to the snack bar? It's hard to tell your oldest friends that you don't want your life to center around food, especially when their lives do and yours used to.

Sometimes starting a diet means being careful who you hang out with. If you have friends who are supportive, explain to them that you want to see them, but would rather avoid events that involve food. Some people may take offense to this, especially if they have their own weight issues. Assure them you are not judging their lives, you are just making changes in your own life.

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I Can't Eat It: Hamburgers

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Being on a diet and trying to avoid your favorite foods is often the hardest part of the entire diet. But there are days when you see a hamburger and you think to yourself, "why not?" You go through the drive through window at your favorite fast food restaurant and before you know it, you've consumed your entire day's worth of calories in one sitting.

So how can you eat a hamburger without the guilt? Start with small patties: never use more than ¼ lb. patties. Use the leanest ground beef possible: 98% lean is terrific. Or, try a burger made of ground turkey or chicken breast! Use Worcestershire sauce, garlic, steak seasoning and a little pepper on the meat before you grill it. Never pan fry a burger – if you don't have a grill, use your broiler. Top the burger with tons of fresh veggies, ketchup and mustard. Put it all on a low-calorie bun and you're got a tasty, healthier burger!
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Stepping Up Your Routine

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The time will come when you have gotten all of the benefits of a particular exercise routine. It may be time to move to a more challenging or advanced level in order to continue to see returns.
If you are following a DVD exercise program at home you might be ready to move to the intermediate level. If you are taking a class at your gym, you might talk to the instructor and see if there are any advanced level classes that they offer that will challenge you more.

In order to continue to see returns when you exercise you must continue to increase the amount of effort or intensity, the frequency at which you work out, and the length of time of your workout. It can be helpful to consult with a personal trainer and tell them what you have been doing and ask them to help you to design a more challenging routine.
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Women's Fitness

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Women need to be in the best physical condition possible to handle their busy lives. It can be challenging for women to take time out of their busy lives to focus on their own needs, but they will soon find that the rewards for maintaining a consistent workout schedule will far outweigh the sacrifice of time.
Physical fitness is important at all stages of a woman's life. In their youth, women should stay in shape and exercise to maintain a healthy body size. In their childbearing years, exercise can help women handle pregnancy and childbirth better. For those women who never have children, being in good physical condition and a healthy weight is simply beneficial for their lives and will help to ward off diseases caused by obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Finally, as we age, women tend to lose bone mass if they are not actively engaging in weigh bearing exercises that help to keep their bones strong. Throughout her life exercise plays a vital role in a women's healthy body and mind.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting Started With Exercise

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Starting your fitness and exercise regimen is the hardest part of losing weight. No one really likes to exercise until they really get into an activity that they enjoy. Then, exercise can be just as addicting as chocolate! The trick is finding activities that you enjoy.

If you are obese and have movement problems, ask your doctor about special exercises you can do while you are losing weight from your improved eating habits. Once you are at a weight that allows you to move freely, try walking, biking, or low impact aerobics.

For those who are simply overweight, just get out there and find something that you enjoy. Hope on your old bike and find a beautiful bike path. Take a long walk through a city park. Run around your block, then run around two blocks – build from there. Strap on your rollerblades and cruise around your neighborhood.
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Weight Loss to Go

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Many people find themselves in situations that prevent weight loss. While these situations vary greatly, one of the most common hindrances to weight loss is the lack of time it takes to track one's food intake and weight. How can a busy person who is never at home possibly find the time to track what he or she eats? Well, you may want to try using your pocket PC or Palm Pilot.

There are several weight loss programs out right now that are either internet based or have internet branches. Programs like Weight Watchers and eDiets can be synched to your pocket PC or Palm so you can track your progress on the go. Computer programs like Health and Diet Manager for Windows pocket PC and Skyscape can also be a great help to dieters in the fast lane. These two programs use food pyramids and base your weight on your Body Mass Index.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Ah, summertime – the perfect time to take your exercise program outdoors. You can do so much during this time of year. The possibilities are truly endless. Pick up a brochure if you are interested in a group and family activities or sit down and figure a plan suited for you alone.

You can try any number of sports. These include tennis, badminton and golf. They vary as to the amount of calories they burn and as to what areas of your body they affect. Read up on each and see if any interest you before deciding.
There are individual activities, such as swimming, horseback riding, jogging, hiking, walking and cycling. You can vary the scenery and change the daily routine to prevent boredom. If you are daring, try surfing and water skiing. These activities also do not exclude family or friends joining in to support your efforts. In fact, they may help by being supportive.

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In summer or winter, take your exercise outdoors. You can take part in so many activities. There are, also, individual sports you can use to liven up your exercise regime. There is swimming, baseball, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, walking, hiking, rollerblading and biking. You can select one or create your own training circuit.

When you exercise outdoors, you should strive for a balance of cardiovascular and strength training. For each week, try one activity that incorporates upper body strength as well as cardio, one that includes lower body strength and one that works all the muscles. Cycling is an excellent activity for building up your lower body. Hiking with walking poles will help you work all your muscles.
If you want, include your family. There are also walking and hiking groups. Friends can help you out. Supportive companionship is always helpful in ensuring you stick to your goals losing weight and getting into shape.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


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There is walking and there is power walking. While you do lose weight and gain muscle tone while walking, power walking can speed up the process. It is a little more expensive than straight walking. It, however, may suit your needs. Power walking is more intense. You adopt a quicker pace. You might also add to or accessorize to help you maintain the intensity. A weighted vest is a possibility. This increases the amount of resistance you will have to overcome. It adds another level to your walk regime. To help build up your leg and ankle muscles, purchase and wear ankle weights. This also increases resistance training. Even if you decide to power walk without the added paraphernalia, you should invest in a pedometer. This will tell you how far you are walking daily. You can also purchase a heart-monitor watch. It will tell you how fast your heart is beating. Together with your computer, it can help you improve your exercise regime. ->Read More

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