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What About Fat Loss ?

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Healthy fat loss is an achievable goal for anyone who wants it Fat loss is associated with improved appearance and health. Fat loss is an exercise of 50%, 50% nutrition combination. . Why our society is so introduced in fat loss? Have you ever thought about this? So we're going to do in the next couple of paragraphs. We will try to break the game and the health of this not-so-healthy fat phobic madness.
Would not it be great to eat as much as you want whenever you want and have melt body fat while sleeping outside, watching television or sitting behind his desk at work? I certainly go for that - being able to adapt with little or no effort at all.

Turn on the TV and what do we see? Television advertisements that promise weight loss and fitness with no effort. Want to lose that fat around your belly? Take these pills. Enter the library and browse through the rows and rows of books advocating a diet of fashion or the other. The problem is that most of them offer contradictory information. I will be direct, in which he said that instead of separating the fat from your body, most of these people are more interested in separating your money from your wallet.

I tried many of the vagaries of diet and exercise and I can tell you that most of them flat out do not work. Some diets work, but the strength of your body to do things that was not designed to do, therefore, your body thinks it is sick of death and begins to burn fat as an energy source. Losing fat is not bad at all, but trick your body into burning fat for responding with a survival mechanism. What are the long-term effects of these fad diets? Who really wants to live the kind of lifestyle these restrictive diets that push you? Who really wants to work hard and suffer for something that 20 years from now will be the laughingstock of the community of fitness? There must be a better way ...

The true path to fat loss is so simple, but no diet book author never admit it. The secret is:

Burn more calories than you eat.

That's it. There is really nothing more than that, and you probably already know! There are no more effective, no special Amazonian fruit, machine can not use that will give better results.

Unfortunately there are many people who want to pull the wool over the eyes what to eat, how hungry you are, what equipment to use to get the perfect body. The next time you reach for the next book in the diet of fashion, a brochure on ab exercise, or take the phone to dial a number that dropped from an infomercial, think about this - did not work in the past, and who won 'No work again because you still burn more calories than you take in.

After scouring the internet, bookstores, and treat almost any diet that I could find to lose that extra 30 pounds I'll tell you what worked for me:

Keep a food diary, track all the calories you take in. Be detailed. You'll be amazed at the amount of things you write can be reduced if only. Personally, I was disgusted at the amount of sugar and junk food he was eating that day. I do not delete, just cut a little.

Find out how many calories you burn in a day. Save the bulk of its calories simply by existing. This is called basal metabolism. Find a chart to see how many calories are burned for certain activities for their weight class.

Exercise regularly. It does not take much, only about 20 minutes a day 3-5 days a week. Regular exercise will increase your metabolism and causes your body to burn more calories even when you are not active.

Being in shape is a lifestyle. You do not have to be severely limiting and does not even have to be painful. Being in shape is always easier in the long run to get through the ringer with starvation or limitation of the diets.

My quest for the perfect diet and exercise program, took me 8 years, and ironically the only thing that worked for me was the easiest and least expensive of all the other thing I tried.
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Managing Meals Away From Home

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your nutrition plan needs to be thoroughly integrated into your lifestyle if you're going to make progress. In order to manage, you need to either a) bring food along with you; b) rely on restaurant meals of some sort; or c) both.
Packing food with you isn't di cult, if you have the right supplies. Invest in
an assortment of single-serving, reusable containers, a wide-mouth ther-
mos, blue ice packs, resealable storage bags (various sizes), shaker bottles,
and a soft-sided insulated cooler or large lunch bag. Having these items on
hand means you can take your diet with you to your job - you don't need to
rely on kitchen facilities, or the o ce refrigerator/microwave.

As for what to bring...well, you're limited only by your imagination and the
amount of time you have available to eat. If you've cooked ahead of time,
then there will always be some ready-to-eat meat in the fridge - leftover
boneless chicken breasts, lean roast beef, or a turkey breast. Sliced cold
meats can be eaten plain or put into a sandwich (pita sandwiches or wraps
w/lo-carb tortillas are good variations). Add variety to sandwiches with
di erent condiments: choose from an array of gourmet mustards or more
exotic items like wasabi, pesto, and satay sauces. Leftover meat can also be
chopped up and used to create salads - these take only seconds to scoop
into a container for munching later on.

Side dishes that are easy to prepare (or buy) ahead and store well include:
tabouli, hummus, potato/pasta salads, marinated vegetable salads, various
(reduced fat) cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, pre-cut veggies/dip, grape
tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, fresh or dried fruit, seasoned tuna packs, nuts/
seeds, peanut/nut butters, baked tortilla chips, whole grain crackers/crisp-

If you have access to a microwave, various other entrees (such as leftover
soups, stews, or casseroles) can be packed along. You can also pre-assem-
ble a "rice bowl" (use pre-cooked brown rice, pre-cut fresh or frozen veg-

gies, diced pre-cooked meat - add a dash of soy sauce and toasted sesame
seeds or other seasonings), then simply heat and eat.

If you don’t have time for full meals, you can “graze” on snacks throughout
the day: make some of the protein bars from the recipe section ahead of
time for packing along. Other snack/quick foods might include InStone
“high protein” pudding and Ostrim sticks - which are portable and non-per-
ishable. Ditto fruit and nuts. Or bring an MRP packet and a shaker bottle
along. Push comes to shove, a commercial protein bar can also be used.

Restaurant meals can be both easier - and harder - to deal with. On the
one hand, there’s no preparation involved; on the other, it’s sometimes dif-
cult to eat according to your nutrition plan. You can’t weigh or measure
anything, so it’s harder to estimate what you’re eating - or overeating. If
you eat out only sporadically, the occasional restaurant meal is no big deal.
On the other hand, if you eat out on a regular basis, surplus calories that
aren’t compensated for by reductions in other meals/snacks could result in
fat gains.
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Egg White Protein

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what is it ? Eggs - in particular egg whites - have been a staple protein source for body- builders and other athletes for decades. Egg white, or albumen,: ovalbumin (54%) conalbumin (13%) ovomucoid (11%) globulins (8%) lysozyme (3.5%) ovomucin (1.5%) other proteins present at <1%:>

Supplemental egg white protein is sold as a spray-dried powder, or in liq-
uid, pasteurized form.

What is it supposed to do?

Egg white protein is a virtually fat-free, low-calorie source of protein. While
egg white proteins are not - as far as is currently known - a source of bioac-
tive peptides (such as whey, etc.), they can be used to increase the overall
protein content of the diet.

What does the research say?

Beyond serving as a source of protein, there is little that’s special about egg
whites. Substituting egg white protein in the diets of hypercholesterolemic
women had bene cial e ects on serum lipids. Egg white is also relatively
high in BCAAs, so can be used in addition to other protein supplements
such as whey as a source of these critical amino acids.

There is a myth, pushed by various “raw food” fanatics, that eating dena-
tured proteins is somehow harmful and/or unhealthful. While most people
wouldn’t eat raw meat, they nonetheless will consume raw eggs, in the
belief that cooking “destroys” the protein, or makes it less digestible.
But the precise opposite is true for egg whites. Research has shown that
raw egg whites, in fact, are much more poorly absorbed than cooked ones.
In two separate studies, raw egg whites consumed by human volunteers
were 35% - 50% undigested and absorbed, whereas only 5% - 9% of cooked
egg whites were not assimilated.

The liquid egg whites sold refrigerated have been pasteurized. I’ve been
asked if these whites are more digestible than fresh, raw whites. They
probably are, but I doubt that they are as digestible as completely cooked

What does the real world have to say?

Many bodybuilders supplement their protein intake with egg whites: both
cooked or blended with other proteins in a shake. It’s a simple and conve-
nient way to add extra protein, which is why it’s such a common practice.


It should be emphasized that egg whites aren’t good for much else besides
protein. Most of the egg nutrients are contained in the yolk. So while egg
whites can be used to boost the protein content of a meal, they shouldn’t
be used to replace more nutritious sources.

Another point of contention regarding egg whites is people are under the
impression (often due to misleading marketing by companies selling egg
white protein) that egg whites are some sort of super protein. It should be
noted the high score eggs have is based on the whole egg only. For ex-
ample, whole eggs score 100 on the biological value (BV) protein scoring
system. Egg whites have a BV score of 88. 88 is not a low quality protein
per se, but it’s not the BV of 100 whole eggs enjoy. Will this have any nega-
tive e ects on your ability to gain LBM? Unlikely, but when ever you see
companies calling their egg white protein product “natures perfect food”
or “the gold standard protein” and other over hyped nonsense,
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