Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Friends and Food

10:47 AM by dody · 0 comments

For some reason, today's society tends to revolve around events that include food. For example, do your friends always want to get together for dinner? When you go on an all day shopping trip with your closest pal, do you immediately stop at a nearby diner? Does going to a double feature at the movie theatre necessitate two trips to the snack bar? It's hard to tell your oldest friends that you don't want your life to center around food, especially when their lives do and yours used to.

Sometimes starting a diet means being careful who you hang out with. If you have friends who are supportive, explain to them that you want to see them, but would rather avoid events that involve food. Some people may take offense to this, especially if they have their own weight issues. Assure them you are not judging their lives, you are just making changes in your own life.

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I Can't Eat It: Hamburgers

10:44 AM by dody · 0 comments

Being on a diet and trying to avoid your favorite foods is often the hardest part of the entire diet. But there are days when you see a hamburger and you think to yourself, "why not?" You go through the drive through window at your favorite fast food restaurant and before you know it, you've consumed your entire day's worth of calories in one sitting.

So how can you eat a hamburger without the guilt? Start with small patties: never use more than ¼ lb. patties. Use the leanest ground beef possible: 98% lean is terrific. Or, try a burger made of ground turkey or chicken breast! Use Worcestershire sauce, garlic, steak seasoning and a little pepper on the meat before you grill it. Never pan fry a burger – if you don't have a grill, use your broiler. Top the burger with tons of fresh veggies, ketchup and mustard. Put it all on a low-calorie bun and you're got a tasty, healthier burger!
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