Thursday, July 23, 2009

The best way to lose weight

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The effective way to burn fat and lose weight is exercise. It is a vital part of any weight loss program. Several people try to reduce their weight by increasing their level of activity. You can combine a reduced calorie diet with increased physical activity. If you have enough time, is the good way to go to gym. Then, try to eat vegetables. To lose weight, you have to eat foods low in calories. And we all know fruit and vegetables are the best answer.
The modern Western diet is one of the fats in processed foods, fruits and vegetables rather sideways. Fruit and vegetables you eat will not only help you find and help young people lose weight, but also the boots of energy, reduce calories, and provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The following advice is to eat a lot, but eat smaller amounts. Instead of eating big meals during the day and the clearing of laziness after a link, try to eat more meals of the day but smaller portions. This trick can help you feel good all day and can also help you lose weight. You can have six or seven small meals (can be fruit and vegetables) in two or three hours intervals.4. If you want to skip breakfast, you are wrong. I know it's tempting, they're busy and want an extra five minutes in bed, but do not skip breakfast. A good healthy breakfast stops too, and studies show that control appetite and levels of blood sugar throughout the day. The last suggestion is to drink plenty of water. It will be good if you can get around 8-10 glasses of water a day. It can help you to diet and have less amount of food during the day. So many people do not eat his food late at night because of a hectic lifestyle. You can not digest the food you've eaten before 8 and to increase their weight. Try eating a light meal at night and your main meal in the day before.
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How to Identify Social Anxiety in Teens

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Often regarded as the most recognized mental disorder in adolescents, social anxiety disorder can take many forms and occur for different person. Most parents and adults is limited to dismiss the symptoms as shyness or teen angst of their children beyond the time. However, social phobia, as the disorder is sometimes called, can grow if not treated and weaken over time. Recognizing the social phobia in teens is crucial for their transition to adulthood and that, as adults and parents have a responsibility to ensure that they receive help. Here are several ways to recognize the symptoms of social phobia in adolescents:

1. Be aware of extreme shyness or discomfort when your child is placed in the center of attention.

For the first time performers usually too scared, but the discomfort, passivity, inactivity or when placed in the spotlight deserves further investigation. Although most people attribute this situation to most of the teenagers' fear of embarrassment in front of their peers, not be complacent. Talk with your child about why he or she could not do. Just remember to avoid use of an accusatory tone to avoid putting your child on the defensive.

2. Observe your child's academic performance.

When her straight-A child who begins to house B or C class assignments and tests, the immediate worry that something is wrong. However, social phobia is not evident. In fact, social phobia track leaves little doubt as to recite in class, fear of asking to report or even directly refuse to be part of classroom activities. If possible, talk to your child's teacher about these issues and ask him or her to tell if your child shows such behaviors.

3. Keep track of the friends of your child, or failure.

You know, teenagers spend hours on the phone, go to parties or hang out after school. Most teenagers will be part of a large group or at least a couple of friends. But adolescents with social phobia are often isolated from other people or to minimize contact. Who do not attend class without the task of asking a classmate in this regard. They often have difficulty making eye contact, initiating or joining conversations, and be part of school organizations.

4. Check your child's confidence level.

The majority of adolescents suffering from social phobia often doubt whether they are good enough for other people or worry too much about how others see them. His fear of being ridiculed, boring, or rejected in their minds are basic and often negative perception of signs in others. This negative attitude toward meeting other people are so pervasive in their minds that can lead to low self-esteem and inferiority complex.

5. Take note of your child against social situations.

People suffering from social anxiety and physical symptoms, especially if they are in a social situation such as school or family reunions. Ensure that signs include diarrhea, nausea, sweating, heart palpitations and shortness of breath. If your child experiences any of these symptoms before or during a social event, he or she may be reacting to the social phobia.

If your child exhibit all or any of these symptoms, take him to a psychologist for a consultation and thorough examination. Chances are high that your child knows that their reactions to social activities are irrational, but do not know where to seek help.

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Diets and Restaurants

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When on a diet, it is advisable to go out to restaurants less often because they do not always know the number of calories in everything that is served on all the secret sauce. But whom do you usually meet in restaurants? Your friends, the answer is most likely. So if you cut the restaurants, you might end up with a lot of free space on your social calendar. I find it unacceptable. I always have time to see my friends.

Aware that he could not rightly plans to boycott the dinner with friends, I decided to always have a backup plan. The reasoning behind this is that I do not always know what they eventually choose a restaurant. My plan was less complicated for the salad with dressing alongside. This allowed me to keep control of my caloric intake and see my friends too.

I do not think I could always control my hunger when I frequented many restaurants. Seven or eight years ago, I was very frustrated with myself about my diet no. I felt like I needed to keep myself under control 24 / 7. When a friend suggest we meet somewhere to take a bite, I felt my control begins to slip. I want to make excuses like, "Oh, I ate dinner," or pretend that I had committed myself to a dinner that night.

Even began to worry that friends would suddenly call me for dinner on any night. When my phone rang, I tended to let the answering machine pick as I listened to the caller leaves a message. Suddenly, I did not want to talk to my friends. What if I wanted to buy dinner ... Oh my, what a crime! I always had my excuses ready to tell my friends. It is interesting to note that these are excuses because they do not want to eat. These are different than the excuses we make to explain why I ate something. These are some of the excuses I use when I do not want to take in extra calories:

I have a medical procedure tomorrow and I can not eat anything after 3:00 pm

I just learned that I am very close to becoming diabetic, and I am a very strict diet.

I am so full now, but I can take home with me (then give a homeless person).

Pretend to vomit in the bathroom (make sure someone is listening), and aims to clean up.

How to hide some of the foods that they can not find (the oven, on top of the refrigerator). In this way, do not realize the amount of food that really has ido.

I think most of my friends knew what was going on inside my head. They do not call me on it. I'm sure you recognized that I was going through some very difficult times, and luckily, I outgrew that stage.

When I ate with my friends in various restaurants, I noticed some recurring themes in the advice they offered. Almost all my friends were very surprised to discover that I was eating so little. I would say things like, "Johnny, you're a great guy. You have to eat more than that," or "You're not really fat, which is just a big, husky sort." So I would say, "Oh yes, you never seen naked. "Sometimes you want to call laughter, sometimes silence.

These are times I have had to reconcile what my friends said, by the sanctity of my diet. I felt I had to take a side. Finally, I concluded that most of my friends were trying to make me feel better and save me from the misery of my diet. I do not really like the way I was. The problem was that I was not. I knew I had to keep my land and that the Caesar salad instead of juicy meat that nine out of ten times. Somewhere in this stage of my life, I learned what little they have to eat, or how much they would have to exercise every day to lose weight. From then on, it was for me to perform.

Losing weight is an uphill battle that takes some time to comply. We can have our friends and our restaurants, at the same time, if we are willing to change our thinking a little. We all have habits that will have to change, the patterns will be broken, and emotions, we must calm.

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