Monday, July 20, 2009

Health Advice

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We have already established that fitness is a vital part of becoming and staying healthy, but that health and fitness are not necessarily synonymous. Fitness and exercise, in fact represent just one of what I call the ‘Four Pillars Of Health’, all of which have to be considered and addressed as a part of a coordinated conscious effort to become a ‘Healthier You’.
These ‘4 Pillars’ are:
· Fitness & Exercise
· Lifestyle
· Diet
· Environment
This book will work through each of these ‘Pillars’ in turn, showing you
sensible, practical things that you can begin to do as soon as you put this
book down to start becoming healthier.
However, it is important to realize that these ‘Pillars’ do not work nearly so
well in isolation, and that if they are adopted independently of one another,
then your chances of long-term success are limited.
For example, no matter how much exercise you do, if you continue to eat all
of the wrong foodstuffs, smoke like the proverbial chimney and consume
copious amounts of alcohol every night, then you are never going to get
much healthier.
Likewise, if you live in a city, then no doubt you are aware of the air and
environmental pollution that surrounds you daily.
Maybe you think that there is nothing that you can do to try to offset some of
the worst effects of pollution?
You would, however, be wrong as there is overwhelming scientific evidence
that dietary considerations can play a major role in helping you to fight the
worst effects of the dirt and toxins that surround you.
This will be dealt with in much greater detail later.
The final assumption that I am going to make before beginning to analyze
my ‘4 Pillars’ is that you are a very busy person!
If you are anything like me, then you have more than enough to do every
day without taking on any additional burdens that would stretch your
available time still further.
My objective is therefore to get you healthier than you have perhaps ever
been, but to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible at the same time.
And, if that sounds like a plan that you can work with, then let’s go right
ahead and get things moving without any further ado.
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