Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dividing Calories Into Correct Meals

12:50 AM by dody ·

Finally, we come to put all our hard work with a diet nal structure. The best way to maintain constant blood sugar and a constant availability of nutrients to the body is to divide the calories in 5-7 meals per day.


In the previous sections, it was determined that a 200 lb person
need to eat 200 g protein, 437 g carbohydrate, and 121 g of fat per day. To
how much to eat at each meal, you must divide these figures by
the number of meals: 5, 6 or 7.

Assuming our example is to eat 6 meals a day, this:

Protein: 200 g / 6 = 33.3 g / meal

Carbohydrates: 437 g / 6 = 72.8 g / meal

Fat: 121 g / 6 = 20.2 g / meal

Now, the above is a classic and very easy to approach
aimed at weight gain diet plan, but what time of the nutrients? Although the
magazines and many self proclaimed "guru" types act as if there is any
magic moment of nutrients to be the next Dorian Yates, it is more pseudo -
c science scientific fact.

Of course, it makes sense to eat immediately after waking, since one has
been fasting for 7 - 9 hours of sleep. It is also the reason, based on
the data we have, before and after the session of nutrition can also help
on optimizing the gains in LBM. There are no magical timing of nutrient
however. Or, perhaps I should say there is no magic formulas out there
timing of nutrients that are more than the writer of fantasy.

The fundamental objective is to maintain a constant ow of nutrients throughout
day by dividing your meals properly as mentioned above, and paste
with him. There is also some logic to eat a small protein meal before bed
using a slow digesting protein from the recommended food lists, such as
casein or cottage cheese.

Although all of these strategies, e.g., pre- and post-workout nutrition, eat-
ing before sleep, etc., make intuitive sense, and there is some data to sug-
gest they will help, there really is no solid proof as of yet, that they will
make a di erence beyond simply getting adequate calories of the right
types, and in the right ratios, at regular intervals during the day, as this e-
book has outlined.

Again, don’t be fooled by magic “ nutrient timing” formulas that the author
discovered during his trip to a secret lab in the East, or while working for
the CIA. The time tested rule for people who have made steady gains is to
use a well-designed diet that is consistently applied month in and month

Of the dozen or so professional bodybuilders I have worked with or known,
and the many high level amateur bodybuilders I have worked with, THAT
was what accounted for their diet success, not running o to follow the lat-
est greatest “secret” diet strategy advertised in the mags. In fact, they laugh
at such people.

As in war, anabolic nutrition also follows the K.I.S.S rule for success: Keep
It Simple Stupid…Yes, there are some general rules for timing your meals,
such as eating rst thing in the morning and approximately every 3 hours
after that, using pre- and post-workout drinks, and a having few bites of
cottage cheese before bed; but it’s a pretty straightforward process, I as-
sure you.
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