Thursday, August 13, 2009

Best Weight Loss Plan

7:17 AM by dody ·

A weight loss plan can help people who need to lose weight, and can also help those who want to maintain a certain weight. A weight loss plan involves the combination of a healthy diet with exercise.

The formula for losing weight is simple: eat less and exercise more. However, it is not really that simple, right?

Long term weight loss is not impossible, but it has to be compromised. Have a plan for weight loss success is a good start. Here are ten items that should go into your weight loss plan.

1. Eat breakfast. This makes it impossible to get too hungry and then lose control over what you choose to eat later in the day.

2. Stock your refrigerator and pantry with healthy foods and snacks and limit high-fat, high in salt such as snack chips and crackers.

3. Fill up on fiber. Eat foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The fibers of these foods until they are complete, leaving less room for unhealthy choices.

4. Do not fall into bad habits on the weekends. Many people follow a strict diet on weekends only to fall back into eating more (unhealthy) on the weekends as a reward for "being good" all week. Unfortunately, this can cause you to regain tahe you may have lost weight during the week.

5. Watch portion sizes. Their perception of what a serving size and be a "real" size can vary dramatically. Measuare his part with precision, especially when your diet healthy.

6. Targets lifestyle - not weight loss goals. Commitment to eat healthy foods that lead to healthy weight loss - little by little. As for his weight daily can cause discouragement and many people will resign and return to the selection of unhealthy foods.

7. Make healthy meals with you when you take road trips. Grab healthy granola bars, bananas, apples and other fruits to avoid tempation stopping cancy for a bar or a shake.

8. We do not deny yourself the foods you love. If you absolutely love chocolate, go ahead and take a small piece - half a chocolate bar instead of a whole one! And avoid eating your "splurges" every day. Save for when you really need it!

9. Start moving. Exercise is the key to weight loss long term. You've heard the saying, "Move or lose." Too true!

10. Keep a journal. Record what you eat, when and how much exercise their moods and keeps you on track and motivated to follow the course.

Weight loss is achieved by both diet and exercise. It is also achieved by persistence. If you "fall off the wagon one day, choose yourself and continue your healthy lifestyle next. Do not give up!
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