Friday, September 25, 2009


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Many years ago I visited Mexico and had ceviche, which was fabulous. Can you tell me how to do and how best to use a variety of fish. Overnight is marinated in lemon fish is actually the equivalent of cooking?

Ceviche, ceviche or cebiche - your choice - it is almost a kitchen in their own right. Very popular in western countries of South America and Mexico, the Caribbean and other parts of Latin America, which has many variations, but basically it's a simple mixture of fish and citrus juice, with the addition of vegetables and spices.

The chemical process that occurs when acid from the citrus comes in contact with the fish is similar what happens when you cook fish and meat becomes opaque and firm. In fact, many people refer to the juice as "cook" the fish, although it is simply wrong!

Lemons from South America are not as sweet as those of this country, and are often used for the ceviche. Further north, the files are the result of the election, although many people use a mixture of lemon and lime.
Ceviche may include a mix of saltwater fish, scallops or shellfish, squid, octopus and onions, chili, tomato, pepper and / or cilantro and is often served as an appetizer or light meal. In this country, snapper, sole, and Pompano are the most popular choices. We have some scallop ceviche aficionados here in the office, although usually briefly cooked seafood first (blanched) and oiled before going into the lemon juice as the acid tends to break its texture, whether it is crude.

Many recipes for ceviche ask you marinate the fish for a good four hours to set the fish across the road, although sometimes call for marinating much shorter. Keep the fish in the juice of time (eg overnight) results in a lemon flavor that many people think that dominates the fish.

The cardinal rule of the preparation of ceviche is that the fish must be absolutely fresh. There are many recipes available online ceviche some

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