Monday, January 25, 2010

Women's Fitness

5:14 PM by dody ·

Women need to be in the best physical condition possible to handle their busy lives. It can be challenging for women to take time out of their busy lives to focus on their own needs, but they will soon find that the rewards for maintaining a consistent workout schedule will far outweigh the sacrifice of time.
Physical fitness is important at all stages of a woman's life. In their youth, women should stay in shape and exercise to maintain a healthy body size. In their childbearing years, exercise can help women handle pregnancy and childbirth better. For those women who never have children, being in good physical condition and a healthy weight is simply beneficial for their lives and will help to ward off diseases caused by obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. Finally, as we age, women tend to lose bone mass if they are not actively engaging in weigh bearing exercises that help to keep their bones strong. Throughout her life exercise plays a vital role in a women's healthy body and mind.

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