Friday, July 24, 2009

easy way to lose weight

6:09 AM by dody ·

There are many reasons why you may lose body fat. Among those who simply look better and improve your overall health. Losing weight should always be considered as a long-term proposal. Plans for rapid weight loss can help you lose weight but will not give you long-term results than long and deserve.

I want "instant" and not "quick"!

The fat is lost in any diet where the calorific intake is less than the costs. However, these "accidents" diets and diets with low energy consumption will result in a loss of muscle, in addition to burning fat. It is estimated that a typical maximum fat in the human body can burn in a week is 2 pounds. This means that any weight loss over 2 pounds in one week will be mostly muscle and water.

Crash diets slow metabolism. If you do not eat enough food to its former position of the instincts of survival and the body goes into "starvation mode." In this mode, the metabolic rate slows to conserve energy and therefore the speed at which you lose weight is reduced. So, ultimately, less fat is burned with "crash" means.

In addition, the body has lost muscle during the accident. Muscle burns more calories and muscle, and burn more calories. Crash diets, therefore, provides the double whammy of a drop in weight and metabolic calorie-burning muscle tissue.

This is why so many diets that rely on fad diets regain after losing weight rapidly. The only safe and reliable long-term to reduce weight is to make it in time.

A gradual reduction in calories, maintains muscle tissue, burn fat and only allows you to maintain a lower weight in the future.

If you go on a diet to lose weight, if you're anything like me you'll lose weight all right; but after you go "off" your diet you'll gain it back. .
The faster someone loses weight, the less time they have to make the necessary changes in lifestyle to keep the weight off.
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