Sunday, July 5, 2009

Energy With Fitness

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Strength Training Muscles are important for energy because it's our muscles that do any kind of physical work. Stronger, more exercised muscles do the job with less effort and don't poop out so fast. That means you are less likely to fatigue when you're doing things around the house or at work. Get some lift tips from a trainer at a club to make sure you're doing things safely and effectively. Start your workouts with "The Big 3" - chest, back, and legs - then continue with your smaller muscle groups, shoulders, calves, biceps, and triceps. Don't forget abs!
Deep Breathing
By learning how to breathe correctly, you can increase your energy, says Dr. Larry
Feldman, author of "Feeling Good Again." "When you're tense, your brain increases its
demand for oxygen," he says. "But your shallow breaths decrease the intake of
oxygen." You're suffocating your cells.
In fact, the first step to countering your energy-sapping reaction to stress is to take a
deep breath. Experts suggest this technique for deep breathing:
When you breathe in, your abdominal area should expand first, and then your chest
should rise. Breathe in through your nose 'till you're full, but not too full. When you
exhale, pull the lower abs in first, then the upper abs. Hold it for a half-second before
you breathe in again. Practice this as often as you can remember during the day so you
get the hang of it.
Do you carry a grudge? This rates right up there with carrying the weight of the world
on your shoulders. It can exhaust anyone.
Drop it. Let it go. It's very unproductive, wasting your valuable time and energy.
Forgiveness is something you do for YOURSELF, not for the other person or
circumstance. But that doesn't mean you forget what hurt or angered you.
Forgiving actually puts you in the driver's seat, taking you out of the role of victim,
protecting you and helping you be more assertive. Being a victim only upsets you, and
that's an expensive energy-waster.
Never give the other side the satisfaction. Release them from the grips of your
animosity, and move on. You come out on top.
Believe it or not, laughter can help you increase your energy. When you have a hearty
laugh, you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, obviously
you'll have more energy.
Your heart rate and blood pressure increases, so blood is more efficiently distributed
throughout the body. More blood flow, more energy.
Read "Laughter, The Best Medicine" from Readers Digest. Y. Just be sure
the funny newsletter has CLEAN humor. You get a daily dose of 4-5 jokes that can set
the tone for the day: happy and energetic.
No matter what shape or form it comes in, meditation relaxes you, releases stress, and
increases energy. Here are a few easy techniques you can do:
Focus on deep breathing. Concentrate on nothing else but the breathing.
Count your breaths. Helps you stay focused on the breathing.
It's easy to lose your focus once you've started the breathing. "What do I have to do
tomorrow?" "What bills need to be paid?" "Where did I leave the keys?" Dr.
Feldman suggests to just let those thoughts happen. The more you resist, the
more you'll think of them. He says to be an idea traffic cop, waving the ideas on
Return your focus to your breathing. Start counting over again.
Some smiling pointers:
Don't let your eyes lie. A sincere, deeply felt smile is displayed by a mile-wide grin
and "crow's feet" around the eyes.
Do something that makes you smile. We are constantly doing things to get
something. It's easy to get caught up in doing something for somebody/thing else
without really enjoying it. Take the time, even if for a few minutes, to do something
you genuinely enjoy, and makes you flash your pearly whites.
Project what you want to get. Smile at others, you get a smile back. Who isn't
energized by giving and receiving smiles? C'mon now, ear-to-ear!
Escape from reality and revitalize with... toys! Just make sure they're recreational and
fun. If they're competition-based, where the emphasis is on winning, then that only
adds to stress and fatigue.
Are you a problem-solver? Try puzzles, for example. Impulsive? Try wind-up
Decorate your desk with stuff you like to play with. You should see my dad's desk!
No wonder he says he doesn't have time - he's busy playing with his toys!
Think back to your earlier days - what made you happy and full of energy? Cars?
Collecting sports cards?

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