Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fitness & Healthy Living

5:37 AM by dody ·

Fit & Healthy living doesn’t just come from one thing. Forget the magic pill or the
diet potion or the surgery or the mantra or the crash diet or the intense workout
once a month. These are common things we turn to when we need a solution for
our lives. But they won’t help us enjoy healthy living.

Healthy living is like a puzzle and each
piece fits together with the other pieces
and it isn’t until you have all of the pieces
that you have a complete picture. If one
piece is missing, your puzzle isn’t
complete and you don’t have the full
healthy lifestyle that you need to enjoy.
What are these puzzle piece
cornerstones that need to fit together to
make a complete picture of health?
Personal Goal Setting – Knowing What you want to specifically accomplish & when
1 Between the Ears – Understanding how Behavior modification is Crucial for Success
2 Adequate Sleep – Rest and Recovery from Daily Fitness & Health Activities
3 Stress Management – Keeping a clear mind through Work & Personal Life
4 Healthy Eating – Complete & Balanced Nutritionally Sound Meal Planning
5 Get Moving Daily – Weight & Cardio Fitness Training in Balance

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