Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fitness And Health

4:24 AM by dody ·

An unfit life will result in… - Poor health - Poor self esteem - Reduction in ability to think clearly - Reduction in ability to act or react adequately - Increase in stress - Early death A healthy lifestyle will result in… - Fewer visits to the doctor - Feeling better about ourselves - Ability to think clearly - Ability to act or react adequately in all situations - Reduced stress - Increased happiness - Better rest - A long, fruitful, and prosperous life

The funny thing about living a life that is not properly balanced is that it acts as a
vicious spiral:
When we’re stressed and not eating properly and not resting properly, our
healthy lifestyle is reduced and we feel more stress, we eat poorly, and we can’t
get proper rest! This will continue to spiral out of control until your body puts a
halt to it any way it can.
If balance is the key, a life that is unbalanced is not JUST
unbalanced, It will leave you dazed and confused
Two people who experience the same amounts of stress will feel that stress
different if one is living a healthy life and one is living an unhealthy life. The one
living the healthy life will experience the stress and be able to think clearly and
act and manage it, even if the stress is troubling. A person who lives an
unhealthy life will feel the stress more acutely. The same goes for any of the
other aspects of healthy living: The person who lives a healthy life will enjoy a
better sleep and actually require less than the person who leads an unhealthy
life. The person who leads an unhealthy life will need more sleep but will actually
get less and the sleep they have will not be as good.
What are the results? Plain and simple: An unhealthy lifestyle will make life
more difficult until one day it just crashes. A health lifestyle, on the other hand,
will be an enjoyable and long lasting experience.
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