Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thinking About Weight loss

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When you lose a tremendous amount of weight after gastric bypass weight loss surgery, is difficult to change our mentality and our way of incorporating new habits. As you lose weight, it is important to begin to "think like a person" or not (going to practice the language all together-twister) "think as they think thin." Why should we do?
Because if we do not, we run the risk of falling easily into bad habits and unhealthy we walked along the paths of obesity in the first place. No matter what stage of your journey of weight loss you are experiencing, sooner or later it will fall prey to nasty lifelong companions ugly (aka patterns). They devour their positive thoughts and urge you to glutinously consume all the things wrong with the food to fall back into bondage. But do not do it! Put on your armor THINKING THIN quickly to thwart any progress!

I remember as a young teenager, I knew that many colleagues, even at a young age, were obsessed with seeing their weight, counting calories, worried about getting enough physical activity, and monitoring the snugness of his clothing. I thought this was very strange because it has no weight issues then. I could eat almost anything and never been waged on a scale. Of course, thinking back, I was a high level of physical activity the person, and so this is why weight-seeing was not a deciding factor in my life at the moment. I had to think like a thin person.

However, when gradually became very heavy (317 pounds), I realized that part because I had no basis "to think as they think thin." And without that foundation to use, I missed a great opportunity to change some of my bad habits. Keep in mind that morbid obesity is much deeper than simply succumbing to unhealthy habits ... Morbid obesity has many facets of the same, but to write this, I want to focus on one element, which is like "think" we are.

When exploring the logic of how to think thin people, I realize some interesting behavior. Think thin people:

• Food portions

• How are full at every meal. They know when they can not take another bite, and stop eating

• How tight are your clothes fitting

• How do I see in the mirror

• How do you think the other

• Exercise or do something that was rather fun to do something that is sedentary

• Off Store extra entry for walking

• Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator

• Drinking water instead of soda

• Use of substitutes for sugar, protein, and taking your vitamins religiously

• Eat fruit instead of fries for a snack

• The maintenance of an "inexpensive" EMT weight for any team in an emergency

OH, how the list of concerns in the minds of thin people is endless! I bet you're considering a few now!

I have to laugh when I think one of my friends asked me to secondary school after lunch every day if I wanted to leave with her and "freezing my calories ... .. Really! She believes that the quake caused the burning of calories, so it does not matter if it was five degrees outside during a snowstorm, it outdoors in March for a five-minute and calories out SHIVER! CRAZY, huh? Well, every time I see her in my class meetings, it is still the same girl that is formed when thin .... So maybe she knew a thing or two about calories chills out! Today, scientists call the "concern" that has been proven to burn calories throughout the day. So nervous when you walk, you burn calories.

What we once viewed as strange obsessions from those who are thin, we must now see to have more value and importance, and should incorporate some of his wisdom in our daily lives so that we become trimmer and thin people, we think and act as a much.

Think like a thin person does not happen every day overnight. It is something that must be practiced continuously.

Now, of course, I never supported the sad eating disorders anorexic or bulimic people who participate in, or I approve or encourage starvation, as some super-thin people do to keep "Waif" look. Such disorders are dangerous and have no part in the thought as a thin person! This thinking and practices are twisted and do not represent the norm.

They say that after surgery, the view is about three years to really get used to the "new you." And I can attest that, as I am more than three years post-op now and sometimes forget that I have lost so much weight as I am still wandering in the department inadvertently Plus Size! The scale and the label of clothing can say a thing outside, but inside our mind was not totally convinced that they are thin.

Make some commitments today to start changing their mindset. Observe good practice in thin people and find a place in your life for these good practices. Gradually it will become a thin person, inside and out!
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