Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Diets, Three Headaches?

9:24 PM by dody ·
Three Diets, Three Headaches?

The benefits of actual diets are up for debate, specifically when the diets in question are restrictive and difficult to maintain for a long period of time.  Three popular diets, Atkins, Dean Ornish's diet, and the Zone, have all been studied recently to find what works best.  Read More

While Atkins was deemed most effective (though only by five pounds) over the course of one year, it is not known yet what the long term effects will be from maintaining the diet long term.

The problem with Atkins is that it promotes a diet high in fat, which can ultimately increase your risk of certain cancers, heart attack and stroke.  Dean Ornish's vegetarian diet seems better, as does the Zone, but many people have a very hard time following these as the foods allowed are very specific.  Overall, while these diets may work for the short term, for the ling term you should stick to lifestyle changes, portion control, a balanced diet, and regular exercise.
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